Sure Step Methodology for CRM 2015 ?

A question that often pops up in front of the CRM Consulting teams is whether to use Sure Step Methodology with the latest version of Dynamics CRM (2015). More often now, since the methodology isn’t evolving as fast as the product. Microsoft developed the Sure Step methodology with the good intent of providing a guideline Read more about Sure Step Methodology for CRM 2015 ?[…]

Dynamics CRM and FantasySalesTeam

Microsoft has recently acquired Incent Games Inc, the owner of sales gamification platform, FantasySalesTeam (FST). Here is the announcement by Bob Stutz, VP Microsoft Dynamics CRM, who envisages it drive CRM adoption. FantasySalesTeam  is a software platform that allows sales leaders to run more exciting and engaging sales contests modeled on fantasy sports like racing, Read more about Dynamics CRM and FantasySalesTeam[…]

Immersive Excel Experience! CRM Online (7.1) and Excel Online

Am sure Microsoft Excel experts (that is to say most CRM users) would love not only the seamless integration but also the use of catchy marketing phrase Immersive experience to describe the feature. Export to Excel has been part of CRM from the early versions however, with CRM 2011 came the option to reimport. Now Read more about Immersive Excel Experience! CRM Online (7.1) and Excel Online[…]

Trade Allowance Management

What is Trade Allowance? As per BusinessDctionary,it is the discount offered by producers or marketers to distribution channel members (distributors, wholesalers, retailers) usually as a short-term promotional incentive. Its objective is to effect a lower retail price to stimulate sales. Trade allowance management module in AX provides the tools to manage the trade allowances and Read more about Trade Allowance Management[…]

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Product Family

Over the last few releases Microsoft Dynamics CRM has evolved from being a single product to a set of products that work together in delivering the customer engagement solutions. Dynamics CRM product family now includes 4 products and 2 Solutions.   Products Microsoft Dynamics CRM Microsoft Social Engagement Microsoft Dynamics Marketing Parature, from Microsoft   Read more about Microsoft Dynamics CRM Product Family[…]

Internet of Things with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Internet of Things (IoT) has been the most popular of the new technologies this year, featuring as a key area in most of the Digital Business conferences. Let us investigate on how this technology can help Microsoft Dynamics CRM (CRM) customers. Let us quickly define the IoT and learn a bit of the background before Read more about Internet of Things with Microsoft Dynamics CRM[…]

Secure your mobile Dynamics CRM data

Good news for all the customers who were worried about the security of sensitive data on mobile CRM. Good Technology, a Mobile device management (MDM) solutions provider and Microsoft have created a containerized version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM for iOS (iPad 3.0 and up with iOS 7 or 8) called Microsoft Dynamics CRM (CRM) for Read more about Secure your mobile Dynamics CRM data[…]