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Update: CrmXpress Drag-n-Drop Upload Control for Dynamics CRM 2016/2015/2013

 have written a post detailing this control here so I am not going to write the whole story. I am bit surprised that Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 does not support drag-n-drop support yet. It allows you to upload templates for Word and Excel (maybe it is directly coming from OneDrive family). Anyways, here is a screenshot and a brief tutorial on how to use this control.

  1. Download the suitable solution from here.
  2. Import the solution in your organization and publish it.
  3. This control provides adding files via drag-n-drop to Email and Notes so you have to add (AttachmentsUpload.htm or NotesUpload.htm respectively) as a web resource.
    For example, in the screenshot below, you can see NotesUpload,htm has been added as a web resource for Contact entity form.

Figure 1 Add a WebResource on Form Designer

  1. Set Properties as shown below. Please note you must un-check Restrict cross-frame scripting, where supported and check Pass record object-type code and unique identifier as parameters.

Figure 2 Set Properties

  1. You can format the control as per your requirements. For recommended format options, see the screenshot below

Figure 3 Set Format

  1. Save the form and Publish Changes.
  2. When you are creating a record you will see appropriate message is displayed.

Figure 4 Create Record

  1. Once the record is saved, you can start using Drag-n-Drop to upload files.

Figure 5 Saved Record


Happy Holidays J

10 thoughts on “Update: CrmXpress Drag-n-Drop Upload Control for Dynamics CRM 2016/2015/2013”

  1. any chance this control can be supported for attachment download count? or any way we can do a counter for it ? thanks a lot

    1. Yes. It can be done however I would like to understand the use case (requirement) before I add such functionality.

  2. I have tried to import this solution to Dynamics 365 Online (CRM) and get the following error:
    The solution file is invalid. The compressed file must contain the following files at its root: solution.xml, customizations.xml, and [Content_Types].xml. Customization files exported from previous versions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 are not supported.

    1. Hi Yvan,

      There is another utility published by Microsoft Labs, you can find it on Microsoft AppSource. It offers drag n drop and a lot more, please check: Attachment Management
      In case you need our solution, let me know and I will build one for you. Please feel free to ping me in case you need further help.

      PS: CodePlex retired couple of months back and we did not migrate to GitHub. We might do it for our next set of tools but the one which are not needed anymore, most probably, will not be migrated.

    1. Thanks very much Andreas. And as I said before, I am more than happy to rebuild it for Dynamics 365 if the community really needs it.


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