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I got a Nokia 6630 :)

Well… Nokia 6630 was on my wish list since it came out… the fastest S60 mobile in market.
It looks real sleek n sexy…and is packed with tones of features that any techie would love to have….

Dimensions: 110x60x21mm ???? that’s considerably smaller than the 3650. It’ll fit in regular pants with no need for funny smiles from strangers. 😉

CPU: 220mhz ARM9 / RAM: 7MB free ???? that’s more than twice the speed of the 3650 (107mhz) and almost three times the amount of RAM available (2.7MB)! You feel the speed instantly when working with the applications, games or even just opening Message Boxes.

Camera: 1.23 megapixel (1280×960) with 3.7mm lens ???? this takes much, much better pictures than both the 3650 and the 6600 (This is my personal openion) in daylight. Evening shots are still so-so. And there’s almost no lag on the shutter. Click and the picture is taken thanks to the faster CPU.
Stereo audio and decent headphones ???? it’s actually possible to enjoy listening to MP3’s on the phone now.

3G! ???? This one is a real 3G phone with Excellent Network support and extremely fast download speed as compared to oldies.

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