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I became MCP

Hey hey…. it’s been a long long time… I agree… yes…. its been a long time… had gone through many things in last 6 months, got VNS Series of projects, took part in MS Security Shootout 2006( also decided what I will be doing next few years…of course its Software Development but now I can see it, define it and then it comes to my mind that going on that path I’ll need something on my side, some credential/certification and what in this world is better than MS Certifications if you are a .Net Developer? So today was a big day, I went to Crystal Arcade at CG Road, Ahmedabad and I got my first MS Certification i.e. Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 – Application Development Foundation C# (70-536). The exam was tough but the MSDN2, Virtual Labs and Visual Studio Express/Beta editions I used was sufficient enough to crack it. And I got it done, it took time, but it was done. And now I am heading towards the Final Destination for a Developer lets see how does it rolls out….

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