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Microsoft Popfly

Microsoft has launched Popfly and I got an early invitation to play around it last month but due to a busy schedule I could not post this article. This article was supposed to be posted alongside with the article on silverlight.

Let’s see how MS defines Popfly first…

Popfly is a tool that provides a fun and easy way to build and share mash-ups, gadgets, Silverlight experiences, and Web pages using pre-built “Blocks” that connect to online services. Popfly consists of Popfly Creator, which is a set of online visual tools for building Web pages and mashups, and Popfly Space, which is an online community of creators where you can host, share, rate, comment and even remix creations from other Popfly users.”

Well… It sounds good… and looks good.. the UI rocks… but after looking at Flash UI available in market I think this one is no big deal. Anywayz, we have to give the credit as Silverlight is in early stage of development. We can definitely expect a strong contender for Flash when it reaches to Release candidate.
I spent almost entire day around its UI and I have got some interesting stuff. We’ll see them one by one…

As I mentioned UI is really cool and nitch, only question that came to my mind is usability or ease of use. I had hard time figuring out what exactly is going on in here. Anywayz it is still fun to play with it.

Not much I could see here, maybe because I didnt pay attention or maybe it was not being taken care of.

During the test, it made my IE Cry… and eventually my CPU and RAM Usage. I was really feeling bad about this. As we all know, Flash is always described as light-weight(I am not talking about, Silverlight application that powers was an overkill for my decently configured laptop. I believe if I was not running it with 2Gigs of RAM. it would have been difficult to use the application.

What More?
As of now, I have not much information to share as it will take more time to get into the application and check out things. But you can definitely expect more in near future… till then… bbye…:)

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