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What’s Going On My Side

There were certain updates in my professional life and I thought I should share them with you. so here it goes. Approximately 1 year ago I was sitting in a beautiful conference hall looking at the stage where people were receiving their performance awards and I thought…. sigh….when I will get one of this? And fortunately… things went strange, and before I completed one year in this new company, I got an award for innovation along with other team members for a project I did in June-July. Also, I flied to Bangkok(This city has many good things other than what it is notoriously famous for, I will post it my experiences on my Personal Blog along with photographs I’ve taken and collected from friends who explored this ancient gateway of Asia), and there I received this award. The same day a composite video that we prepared received great accolade from the audience for being creative and light weight still conveying the message. Along with that there was one PoC we did which was presented there. Also I just completed 1 year with my current company and that makes me feel good as I never expected that I will survive if I leave Gujarat. Now soon I am looking forward to move further but still I’ve not decided exactly what direction I am headed to.

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