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Why Google Labs are not that innovative?

I have been watching google labs since its incubation few years back. and here are some surprising findings I have that I would like to share with you people.There are some really niche things that has come out of the labs but then there are some really strange apps which needs some light to be thrown at. So here it goes
– Any Trends and search – Though novel, it uses Business Analytics and Intelligence that is quiet popular in Industry, its not innovation, its novel to use analytics on Search Results. I would say re-use.
– Accessible Search – Saw it few years back on Macromedia’s(Now adobe and I am not sure whether it is still there) web site using Flash
– Google Page Creator – Good Old Geocities
– Google Web Accelerator – WinProxy, almost 7 years back it provided a lot more than just web acceleration
– Google Reader – thousands of web based feedburner were freely available even before google guys learnt to spell RSS
– Google Notebook – Nothing compared to a niche app called NetSnippets,give it a try you will kick your own A** if you thought Google Notebook is cool.
– Google Docs and SpreadShits – No Comments[:P]
– Google Video – YouTube….
– iGoogle – MyMSN from no other that our beloved(Just Kidding) M$ and yes MyMSN looks million time better than iGoogle from all the angles
– Google Maps – Even before Google Maps came into existence there were Microsoft TerraServer, Microsoft MapPoint and other players. Also, now for India, try using google maps and and find the truth…who is the Boss?
– Google Groups – UseNet
If you have more info on somthing that i missed, or I have put and is not correct, please let me know.

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