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Google officially acquires DoubleClick.Net

Recently, during a HOT discussion about Privacy and and Google, I LOUDLY said, Google is the biggest thief of personal information. After I said that, immediately it striked my mind, that last year they were trying to take over one of the the dirtiest spy site I have seen so far i.e. I was stunned.. when I came to know that it has not happened yet and I fetl..Oh Great… we all are safe..but naah just two days back it has already occurred. We are already doomed. Check out the link here on official Google blog.

Here is the text I could find, written in white fonts when I pressed CTRL+A on that page.[Between the lines for non-techies]
I’m pleased to share the news that we completed our acquisition of DoubleClick today. Although it’s been nearly a year since we announced our intention to acquire DoubleClick last April, we are no less excited today about the benefits that the combination of our two companies will bring to the online advertising market.[And a lot of revenue to us and millions of web users will be doomed. BTW, We wont let M$ take Y! it is matter of future of Internet and blah blah blah and lot more blah here. For me the message reads like : we will steal your privacy information using DoubleClick.Net’s existing tools that is ok, that is the future we want to give you. Seriously, that funny blog post reminded me of school days when Jr. High kids were used to crib about Sr. High guys as they could not stand a single chance in anything against them :D]

Because we have been waiting for regulatory approval for our acquisition, we’ve been limited by law in the extent to which we could conduct detailed integration planning to map our way forward. That work will begin in earnest now. Although we don????t have detailed plans to announce today, we will communicate regularly with you about our progress in integrating our two companies.[We had to wait to outsmart the law and find some loophole in the system so that we can carry on our evil plans]

Wanted to write a lot more here..but then… dont I have a life? :D…Laterz…

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