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Bang Bang.. on Google..

Hey ..all.. it’s been a while since I’ve banged Google.. n that’s not fair..right guys? so here it is in a short n sweet style…. the overview..
– Orkut, the No. 1 Social Networking site in India, has gone crazy with Google’s OpenSocial [yey.. I love Orkut and you can find me over here]. I was thinking…. now what shall I call Orkut…. FaceKut? Or Orbook? 😀
Gmail’s crazy AJAX patches are now over the edge, I dunno which one makes my IE 7 frown upon, but lately… I am getting lots of Operation Aborted errors.
For a change, Google has started acting on some bugs, not like old days when it took them years to fix the simple things like this, the one I mentioned here[Gmail-Gtalk April Fool?] is fixed but I dunno whether this is causing the Operation Aborted errors or not?

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