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Did gmail made you pull your hair on 16th April?

Lately.. Gmail has been making news around the globe, let it be the news in middle east due to some caching issue, one guy saw 30+ other people’s mailbox, or the scripting attacks but this time they have some thing new.. Gmail’s IMAP services faced some technical glitches and lot of customers[ofcourse Google Apps, don’t worry..none of the enterprise class customers:D]

one of the angry customer said,
“A huge, if not number one selling point for moving one of our companies over to Google Apps was Google’s robust network!” complained one user. “Now that we have migrated over, it seems we are abused children who do not deserve an explanation for why the service we pay for is taken offline. Perhaps it is time to find a new e-mail host.”

Now this might stop jumping monkey of hopefully.. as they are the latest clowns in the google apps bandwagon.

Find the whole story :

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