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Gmail-Gtalk April Fool?

Google is at large… patching their popular mail service with latest security updates and what not. However after recent patches I’ve observed certain behaviors, now as long as I know there is a thumb rule to avoid while planning your application security i.e. never screw up your features to provide better security modal, rather improvise on the implementation front and provide Feature + Security.

This time Google has baffled me, I don’t know whether it has to do anything with a recent news leak in middle east, where some caching at ISP Side, allowed a user to see some other user’s A/C data, or maybe it is to prevent some niche XSS attacks crafted against the Search Giant’s mail service. Personally I use Gmail all the times as I find it quiet faster, lighter and most importantly superior than its counter parts, so I have multiple A/Cs on Gmail. One of them is widely user with Friends while another is strictly for business purposes. On both of them chat is enabled so I don’t have to rely on Gtalk whenever I need to chat. I saw this strange thing few weeks back, if on a single computer, I login to one A/C say A/C A, at first my chat will be enabled, the moment I launch A/C B, the chat applet in A/C A will die and will start working for A/C B, if I do a page refresh in A/C A, then A/C B chat will be gone with the wind. Now I know many of Gmail lovers will start jumping saying.. oh..its a feature.. you don’t know..and blah blah blah… for me…ITZ A BUG….

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