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Microsoft All Set to takeover Yahoo!!! Sends a 3 weeks ultimatum

Hooooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyy…………. After a long period of time, I am so damn happy about something SEXY…that’s gonna happen.. Microsoft has sent a letter to Yahoo! Board of Directors saying[aah..ok…very politely..] giving them 3 weeks ultimatum to decide to not to be… or not to be [:D]..yeah either way they are going to be the part of Microsoft[aaahhh..sorry..googletards…did someone show you the big Middle one? :D]. Here is the press pass form Official Microsoft Web Site : and the CNet news link :
And yeah, I can assure you…lots of freetards will start whining on this but hey.. what I can do.. except showing them.. know what..right? 😛 and yes… for me… I would love to see Google CXXs start shedding tears on Internet freedom and how Microsoft is a big risk for innovation..and blah blah blah..and as the saying goes..Barking of Dogs will not frighten elephants…
On a serious note, I am not sure why… but I have this feeling, there are alternatives to this situation like some interruption might come maybe Google will take over Y![That will be nice though…really.. ;)] or some monopoly lawsuit might come up… let’s hope for the best….
UPDATE: 19:01 10-04-2008
There is a rumor about… Microsoft teaming up with News Corp. to do the RIP of Y!, check out this article at Microsoft and News Corp. lock arms for Yahoo bid?

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