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ASP.Net Interview Question Links – Part I

As promised earlier, here are some of the interview questions I was used to refer during my early stages when I started hunting for another job i.e. after around 2+ years with ESS. I am not saying these will get you the job for sure but if you have prepared these and related questions you will be atleast make much more sense when you answer any given ASP.Net Interview.

So here it goes[Links are not in specific order] :
– The one that helped winning a specific interview :\
Points to remember
– cross-check answers with your friends, colleagues and other sources
– Do not forget to refer to the comments other readers might have made, these comments sometimes leads you to the right answer or more set of questions and maybe better interview material
– do not rely answers as they are given
– just make sure that you have got the question right, and come up with an answer in your own language, so when you answer you will sound genuine. Not like the copy cat[Aren’t you?]
Discussion on this blog-post is welcome at If you have any specific request you can use comments feature provided.
Happy Job Hunting… 🙂

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