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Bad Bad Bad News…Microsoft withdraws its hostile bid

As a shocking news, I got to read this article, Ballmer’s e-mail to staff on Yahoo, I was so damn happy when the announcement was made about the hostile bid, I was jumpindancin.. rollin.. on floor.. and then.. suddenly…thud.. something hit my face..and that’s the e-mail that says… to Y!.. from Steve Ballmer… withdrawing the bid. I feel bad..really bad..the whole world is drowning and I don’t see any rescue boat around..aah.. it is so sad…and..yet another thunk..comes and.. I think..hey.. it isn’t that bad. It seems good infact. Though I really would have embraced the idea of Microhoo with love and all the warm feelings, however here is another side which other experts have identified about the deal.

In this takeover, one thing I was really afraid of was.. cultural clash, and trust me guys n gals, I’ve seen what happens when you do this kindda fusion, apart from other issues you have to manage people and their perception. Also many people will feel insecure and might just quit and many of brand loyals will also walk out, uprooting one of the major agenda Microsoft has to get hold of engineering talents of Y!. Also I was wondering, the money involved is so much, Microsoft can take down so many other small and profitable companies[When Wallstreet opens on Monday… what will happen to Y!’s stock? I am worried friends..]. Anywayz, things are different now, for Y! it is must to survive and do something to turn around the scenario they are going through. ’cause if they can’t do it, I can see, sooner or later. Microsoft or someone else, will feast on Y! and we all will say… RIP..Amen..:D

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