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Opera… you too?

Today is a bad day.. really really bad day.. I didn’t expect this from Opera.. at least.. if Google does it.. it is in their nature… but Opera you too?
Microsoft has done the same thing in early 90s but they changed and they paid a lot of money for what they did earlier.
What happened is, I got an “There is a new version of Opera available for download.” message, and as a die hard fan of Opera, I immediately click on Download and once it downloaded, I started installation. I love my existing settings and customizations in Opera, so I always upgrade rather than clean install. And as usual I was about to click on Next when I noticed a small, pre-checked check box at bottom of the installer. And my instincts told me…. HEY!!!! STOP!!!… and I looked at it.. the check box read … Make Opera Default Browser..and I was like : Oh my lord.. did Microsoft(Old days) took over or what? or it is Google now? Well.. for those who didn’t get it.. that check box will make Opera my default browser.. and yes.. I am no idiot who doesn’t understand flexibility of IE.. most of the sites I look at looks the BEST on IE.. and most of the good sites works fine.. with IE.. no problem so far…while Opera.. is the best browser.. for the sites which normal users might not want to give a look.. for me it works.. but Opera as my default browser.. NO NO.. BIG NO!!!… anyways.. I survived the attack(This is a kindda browser replacement attack.. aahh I coined a new term… :P)
This was definitely a dirty move.. and well thought and.. yes.. I can tell it was no accident.. Opera did the same the Microsoft was used to do earlier. But that was a different time.. but now? NO NO!!!! Opera.. 5 cents down.. you guys are.. so next time you install Opera..just be careful.. they are not as good as they were used to be.. anymore..

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