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Yey – I am Requalified at

As a part of my commitment towards technology, I’ve been sharing with community since early days of my career. In early 2005 I came to know that you can join Experts-Exchange for free and help fellow developers with various technical issues. I took that opportunity and joined EE. Soon I became a Qualified Expert there and continued contributing to EE for a while. Afterwards, I had to move to a very challenging job and I was forced to stop my interaction with EE. Anyways, I find lot of time [That’s the fun part in consulting, you get to manage your own time] nowadays and I decided to start contributing to EE. Anyways, in two days, I got requalified as an expert [I earned 4668 points needed 3000 points to requalify]. Anyways I am glad I could do this. Check out my profile at –

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