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What’s Up n Busy Bee Stories

Yes… finally I found some time to come back and start blogging again. Anyways, there has been a lot many incidents in last 1 month or so since my post on 9th August.

For example, Visual Studio LightSwitch beta has come out, CRM 2011 on premise as well as online betas are launched. [And trust me when I say this, I DONT like the base requirement for CRM 2011], I took a short trip to home n after that I was so sick I almost stopped working and had to take a break.

Got my car from HYD and have been having fun driving in Pune and things are going Ok Ok I would say. Now things have been little hectic and I had to stop posting here but I am back and I have some good stuff with me this time and I am gonna put it all here. Keep visiting and leave comments in case you like/dislike something.

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