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Visual Studio Task List and Comment Tokens

As part of my job I do a lot of code review, refactoring and maintenance. Many a times I would leave instructions to my teammates, well I could always write an email or maybe send an excel file for a large codebase.  However, I am very fond of using one (not so popular) Visual Studio feature called Task List[]

Few reasons I love using Comment tokens are they are much easier to use. They stay with the code and any good developer would want to get rid of a BUGBUG or HACK from his/her code comments. And because they are always there in the IDE it is easy to keep track on the progress as you work through your code.

So here it is how you can set up a set of your own comment tokens to use with Task List.
1. Click on Tools – > Options -> Environment -> Task List.
2. Add as many tokens you want, as shown in the image below

And here is how you will use it in your code.


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