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We are running BlogEngine.Net 2.5 Now!!!

If you have not already noticed that CrmXpress has always been run by BlogEngine.Net then well… know that it has been powered by BlogEngine.Net. As the new year arrives [Gujarati New Year is generally the next day of Diwali]. There were some unexpected problems during the upgrade and it brought this blog down for almost 3 days and I hope that it did not affect any one. If it did, sorry for the trouble caused and I would like to assure you all that in future we will not do an in-place upgrade without putting in effort to make sure that everything is working as per the expectations. Anyways now things are in control except our CrmXpress theme which shall be up and running soon.

Wish you all Happy Diwali and a Very Happy New Year!!! Stay tuned we have many gifts lined up for you.

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