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Releasing CrmXpress TraceHelper v1.0

Microsoft Dynamics CRM lets you create trace files that monitor the actions performed by various Microsoft Dynamics CRM components. For example, CRM Async service can create its own trace file, which enables you to troubleshoot error messages or other issues with CRM Async service. Apart from that, these Trace files can be an excellent resource for an experienced CRM Developer to understand what exactly is going on behind the scenes.

CrmXpress TraceHelper helps you to enable/disable tracing for Microsoft Dynamics CRM with few clicks. It also gives you the option to manage the trace files from within a single window.

You can download it from here :

Remember: once the settings are applied, IIS must be restarted to take the effect.  


1 thought on “Releasing CrmXpress TraceHelper v1.0”

  1. When openning the program on the CRM server, shows error:

    Encountered a critical error
    Could not find Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 installed on this machine.

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