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Releasing CrmXpress Theme Editor for Dynamics CRM 2016

I am very pleased to present new years’ gift (although I am 10 days off of the mark ;)) from all of us at CrmXpress. As by the post’s title you would have guessed, this is a theme editor for Dynamics CRM 2016.
The new theme editing features of Dynamics CRM 2016 is one of the well-received feature since 2015 update 1. Only challenge with the current editor is, you have to entre HEX values manually which can be problematic for non-technical users.

It is simple and straight forward to use. Still someone might find it useful so here is quick guide demonstrating how to use CrmXpress Theme Editor.

  1. Download the solution from here.
  2. Import the solution in your organization and publish it.
  3. Now, open the solution and you will see the screen below:

Figure 1 Configuration Page

  1. Click on Edit against the theme you want to edit and you will be presented with the editor.

Figure 2 Theme Editor

  1. Make desired changes and click on submit.

Figure 3 Theme Editor – Color Picker

Figure 4 Save the changes by clicking Submit

As theme editing in CRM is a new feature and we have external dependencies, this release is a Beta release. Please provide your valuable feedback/bugs/feature requests to help us improve and stabilize Theme Editor.

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