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Why Google Group should still be in BETA!!!

Many a times people blame me to be a “M$ and rest of the world”, while upto certain extent it is true, but then I like to be truthful, I love to go and get the best. For people who don’t know me well, my default search engine is Google. Also, after my corporate M$ Exchange A/C, it’s Gmail and blogging site I use is Blogger. In discussion groups I use Google Groups and sometimes.. yes sometimes ’cause this is something that keeps hitting me in the face since we have started. The UI is simple..true..but what good is UI if its not working at all? Apart from other dirty problems I face, one thing I must tell you guys is the search within the group, it sucks…so much I don’t have words.(Infact, I have but I cant use them here. :P).

Today, I was looking for an old article I wrote on Security on Gmail and Browsers. And out of curiosity instead of having a right term, I put google and then it all started, all the first result sets are…check out the attached video for the surprise. High-Res Video is available here.

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