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“How Do I?” Videos for Security from MSDN – Amazing Resource

Hola!!!! It has been a long time, I’ve written anything on security, the last post you saw from me(Beware while using GMail) This is a kind of resource I have been looking for years. Many times, due to seer desire to be pure evil or just to have fun of doing something new, I’ve put my hands in mud of Computer and yes…let me tell you they are dirty. Also I’ve observed this behavior, especially .Net developers, they tend to ignore one important aspect of any Project Development Lifecycle i.e. Application Security. Reason behind them are mostly lack of awareness at entry level(colleges) as well as Professional level(seminars on security? sounds funny, Project Development, discussion groups etc). I must say that NOT all of the developers ignore security but yes majority of them only do it when a tester finds it out or the project sign off explicitly demands it. Anywayz here is a set of excellent resources that will provide you insight on .Net Security.
“How do I?” Videos for Security All the videos that explore a variety of security questions for developers, including encryption, handling attacks, security best practices, and a lot more. New videos are added regularly, so check back often.
All the downloads are available in the following formats along with sample code.
Video Downloads:
Audio Downloads:

Some Interesting Videos
Also check out the right pane for all other How Do I series videos.

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