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An Article from :The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs PLUS My Views on Google and Open Source Softwares

Statutory Warning : If you are Open Source(Freetard), Google(tard) or Linux(Freetard JAI-ASS – Just Another IBM-ASS-ET), reading this article will result in an acute pain in the wrong end of your body. Also this post goes like : Spit on our face and Kick you on your C*
This post is going to be full of hatred and reality from my end. Many of my friends, who are part of this group believes that I hate Google and Linux, this is my answer to them. I don’t hate them but I hate their lame attempts to try to look like something they are not. If you are an advertiser stay an advertiser unless and until you have the strength to build enterprise class app. If you are meant for schools/colleges stay there don’t even try to come to the enterprise class OS and Virtualization Segment.
Here is the article and PLEASE DO READ ALL THE COMMENTS on the article. It will help you to open your eyes.
Also I have certain points to put forward, if you read the reference links you will enjoy them the most.
– After trying a lot of times to maintain my expenses online I’ve moved back to Microsoft Office Excel 2007 from Google’s featureless-shitlike online excel-wanna-be WebApp, please message me to know why I did it, I will reply on this forum itself.
– After Y! Messenger my favourite IM is Office Live Communicator 2007 reason behind that not even Y! can beat it when it comes to Unified Communication.
– Google is still the best search engine in web segments. I have never tried Google Apps for enterprise so I can not comment on it, however I BEG to find ONE, I repeat ONE implementation where Google Apps is being used by a company serving more than 50,000 end users. I will not take a web page as a reference unless and until it is coming from reliable source(, ZDNet,, BBC, CNN are reliable sources I guess) and yes we are open to discuss reliability of the source, so please if you find something, post it on the group. So far, for enterprise segment, I have found Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 to be impressive.
– I still love Linux, and you can ask Cody, I still use Linux sometimes, however it is not at all ready to replace a large base of corporate workstations. Sadly, Munich(Germany), city council tried to throw out Windows out of the city, and replaced all the City Council Workstations/Laptops to Linux.
Read on what happened
In 2003, and then they realized and then in 2005, some 14K desktops,,1000000121,39195204,00.htm and rumors are heard that now 70-80% of them are running Windows on Linux VM. One more link for the same story :
If you have latest news on this project, please let me know.
By the way, here is a success story for Linux but then..hey.. ever heard of this city?
Few months back, in my College group, I ran a survey amongst the new batches as well as oldies to choose from Linux and Java, at that time one of my friend started jumping that this survey is like : You like M$ or Not. I did not that time.. felt..what should I do if my friends…even don’t understand what I am trying to tell?
However enough with the silence, at least some of you will understand what I am trying to do here.
I am ending this article here but there is one more coming shortly. This one was originally written almost two weeks back.[Here is a discussion on this topic.]

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