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Google Launches Google Mail Labs

Sometimes I wonder, how Interesting things these guys keep doing[as they are not looking at real world business problems sometimes 😛 and also forgets to close the security loopholes, they must get plenty of free time]. Anyways, coming to the point I just saw this birght red link appearing in the top-left nav bar as shown
Here you can read more about this new feature[eh eh… ]. Basically it adds a new tab in your Gmail Settings page that let’s you choose various features that Gmail Team memeber have deveoped[I believe some of them are done using 20% free time they get per week]. I found some of them pretty neat while some of them, are.. well let’s say .. not that pretty-neat. But overall it is a nice idea to have your user base to do the beta-testing of upcoming features. Here is a screenshot of the few of the features.

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