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Releasing CrmXpress OptionSet Manager v1.0

After a long time I am writing a post on CrmXpress and I will post my story so far, separately.

As of this post, I have a very important announcement to make. There is yet another release from CrmXpress and this time it is CrmXpress OptionSet Manager For Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011. As the name suggests it’s a very simple utility to manage OptionSets [Local and Global] within CRM 2011 and helps to automate really boring tasks i.e. to maintain [CRUD] option sets manually.

Here is a screenshot from the documentation :

Click Here to see the documentation in case you need any help with the usage of the app.

Click Here to download the latest stable build. As usual we intend to develop it further and we appreciate your feedback on the same.

PS: Watch out for few more CrmXpress releases in very near future.

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